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SequiTimer the interval timer

Advanced interval timer

SequiTimer is a timer – an application, which will remind you of the end of a chosen time interval. SequiTimer is not an ordinary timer, it allows you to define many intervals in a sequence. Therefore we call it the multi-interval timer. Each interval can have different length and after it’s ending it will stop and wait for manual follow-up, or it will continue to the next interval automatically. You can attach a name and a description to each interval in the list to know its purpose and what you have to do during the interval countdown. You can save your interval list and use it anytime later. Of course, you can save as many interval lists as you want. The end of the interval and also the end of the whole interval list is notified by a sound signal, which you can choose from the sounds available in your Android device.

SequiTimer functions and features

  • customizable sounds for each interval
  • text to speech (label, description)
  • each interval has maximum 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds
  • the interval can have a name and description
  • each interval can be set for stopping after ending and waiting for a manual follow-up, or continuing onto the next interval
  • defined intervals are grouped into an interval list
  • the interval list can be saved with under a specific name
  • saved interval list can be loaded to the timer from a database
  • parameters of the interval can be modified at will
  • interval can be duplicated
  • the sound signal after the end of the interval and after the whole interval list can be chosen from sounds available in your device
  • simple, universal and reliable timer
  • function "keep screen awake"

Timer usability

The timer SequiTimer is perfectly universal Android application. Is good as a kitchen timer, by sport training and body building, for zen meditation, in a workroom, by hobby, helps by tea preparation, for testing for time and many more different activities. Examples of its use you find here Use of Android timer SequiTimer .

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